Bigger than ever

Written by Chen Hindi

On February 2, 2023

Yesterday Meta announced its annual results for 2022. 

It’s not a surprise for anyone following but it has once again proved its dominance in the social media sphere. 

Facebook’s MAUs (Monthly Active Users) is at 2.963 Billion.

Facebook’s DAUs (Daily Active Users) is at a new staggering milestone – 2 Billion.

The family of apps (Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp) has 3.74 Billion MAUs and 2.96 Billion DAUs.

To put these numbers in perspective – (only) 65% of the world’s population, 5.1 Billion, is connected to the internet while in China the Meta apps are blocked. LinkedIn has 900 Million members.

To quote Mark Zuckerberg: “The number of people daily using Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp is the highest it’s ever been.”

We can say what we want to say – the company is not innovative, Facebook is for old people (like me), the feed is boring… the reality is that people’s (i.e. your clients and prospects) attention is still there.

Big time. 


Many people tend to underestimate Facebook – it’s for oldies, it’s outdated, it’s boring… but the reality is that it is still by far the largest social media platform in the world. Not only that, Meta (the rebrand of Facebook Inc.), with its family of apps has a staggering number of users, simply almost everyone with internet access, besides the countries where it’s blocked. The sources to the numbers mentioned in this video are:, and #learnontiktok #onlinemarketing #digitalmarketing #businesstok #chenhindi #metamaus #metadaus #facebookmaus #facebookdaus #digitalmarketingtips #onlinemarketingtips

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