OMG: from a small talk to 38,000 words 🤓

Written by Chen Hindi

On April 8, 2021

I was making coffee in the kitchen of Cyhawk, where I just started working back in 2009 while one of the great people there was asking how I am doing in my first days as an Online Media Buyer.

Well, I guess I said I’m doing great but honestly I was a bit lost… online marketing was new to me and quite overwhelming.

And then the person said something like “you know, one of the most challenging things in the beginning is the jargon… once you comprehend that, you’re on the right path”.

I was doubtful that understanding the terms would be a magic trick but looking at it in hindsight he was right – talking the new language which included soooo many terms, abbreviations and concepts was a significant part of my progress.

Fast forward to 2021 and after much work done with the help of my team:

The OMG (Online Marketing Glossary) is launched on both Android and iOS with 300+ terms. Each one includes an example, making the world of digital marketing more accessible to anyone interested (but especially marketers and entrepreneurs).

I hope the guy from the kitchen will be reading this post as I think I’m at the age that I don’t remember who he was but obviously this post is dedicated to him.

You win, and then you win!

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