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Written by Chen Hindi

On March 25, 2024

I’m a constant learner. 

In the fast-paced world we live in, I believe none of us have a choice but to be one. 

I’ve been subscribed to a lot of newsletters over the years, and I’m sure you know how that ends up – you’re subscribed to so many things that you end up being subscribed to nothing. 

After sifting through dozens, I’ve narrowed down my subscriptions to a select few that I now follow quite religiously, which I believe could be help you as well:

1. Lia Haberman’s ICYMI (In case you missed it): sums up everything new in creator and social media insights.

2. Seth Godin: likely needs no introduction. He is perhaps the most famous marketer in the world, an entrepreneur, author and speaker who shares his insights daily. 

3. Morning Brew and Marketing Brew – the former is the flagship newsletter focusing on the business world, part of a group of excellent newsletters, while the latter specifically focuses on marketing. 

Bonus: chartr.co – I love visualization, and this newsletter uses it brilliantly to share insights about business, technology, entertainment and society.

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