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At Quantum, the digital company I co-founded in 2015 and where I serve as Head of Digital, I created our Knowledge space – where we feature our blog – dozens of articles and guides about online marketing, our “how to online marketing” video series and my most recent project – a 300+ terms on our online marketing glossary.
Among all social networks, I’m most active on LinkedIn where I share my experiences as a co-founder, a trainer and as an online marketing professional.

I also try to frequently reply to people who ask different online marketing related questions on Quora and save them some long research time.
After joining my digital marketing trainings, each participant is invited to a 
closed Facebook group where they can “ask-all-they-want” and also stay up to date with news about some of the most popular platforms (Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and others) as well as  learn, get exposure to and get inspiration from cool online marketing campaigns.

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