Email Marketing Fundamentals

Many, if not most, are unenthusiastic when they hear “email marketing”… 

“It belongs to the 90s”, “it’s just spam”… hard to deny that’s what comes to mind. But in fact – email marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods that exist out there today. Yes, even in 2022. Why? Read on!


Email marketing is one of the fundamentals of online marketing and it’s powerful, first and foremost because of its penetration rate. More than 95% of internet users have an email address and they use it every day. Not only that, once you get users to open your email – you have their exclusive, undivided attention and that is unlike any other platform – social feeds, search results or display banners among plenty of other options to click on. Knowing how to do email right is a key to success and for high ROIs. 

My Email Marketing Fundamentals session allows organizations to start (or improve the current) their email marketing, a channel that has one of the best ROIs among other marketing channels. 

This session would be relevant for you if you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, digital marketer who wants to better understand what email marketing is and how your business can leverage it – big time. 

At the end of the session you’ll know how to:

Plan an email campaign that generates results

Analyze your results so you can get even better outcomes

Grow your email list, avoid reaching the spam and how to combine email in your overall online marketing plan

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Welcome to Email Marketing

• The lighthouse of email marketing
• The moving hook

The “Before”

• How to choose your sender name and email
• Learn how to write subject lines that will make people open your email
• How to write a preview text that resonate with your subject line

The “During”

• How to write body copy that people care about
• How to create a Google display campaign on the Google Ads platform
• Email design best practices

The “After”

• Learn from your results – open rate, click rate and other important metrics
• Industry and general benchmarks

And then some…

• How to build and grow your email list
• How to avoid reaching the spam
• Email do’s and don’ts

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