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Facebook for Business seems easy to do… at first sight – you might say to yourself “How hard can it be if I already have my own Facebook account for years now?”

Oh, well, if you’re here we probably both agree it’s no walk in the park. From engagement that you’re not satisfied with (“only 1 comment?!”) to post types that you want to create but have no idea how to, all the way to wanting to really understand how to succeed on this giant platform with your business. Hi, my name is Chen – and that’s what I’m here for!


To run a successful Facebook for Business page you need to get good at 6 aspects – strategy and planning for your page, copywriting – the texts that come along with your content, design/video – the visuals you create, paid ads – how to target the audience that’s relevant for you, community management – managing all the interactions on your page like a rock star and finally – learn from the results. Oh an yeah, there’s a 7th ingredient – consistency is a key to make it all successful.    

My Facebook for Business training puts order in the chaos. I talk about 5 of the 6 aspects** above – how to plan your month’s content, write and design in a way that makes people care (I’m not a copywriter nor a designer, but I offer guidelines that will save you weeks of trial and error!), how to manage the interactions on your page to generate even more engagement and finally – what’s important in terms of results, where to find it on your page and how often you should look at it.

If you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, digital marketer who wants to better understand how to make the most of Facebook for your business, this one’s for you.

**Learn more about the 5th aspect’s (sponsored campaigns) training here.

At the end of this training you’ll:

Know how to optimize your page for better visibility

Understand the “backend” of your page and how to change settings/find important insights/setup features that will speed up the everyday management of your page

Know how to manage your page’s interactions in an optimal way

Be aware of the many different post types that can benefit your business (and you’re not using!)

Be able to create posts that your target audience cares about

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Facebook for Business overview

• Users on Facebook, its ecosystem (Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram) and your target country
• Facebook tools for businesses

Your Facebook page

• How to improve your page’s visibility
• The “backstage” of your page – how to make smart use of the admin tools and insights available for page managers

Your page’s content

• How to plan the ongoing content for the page
• Create winning Facebook posts that make people stop on the feed and engage
• The different Facebook post types and how to make the most out of them

Manage the page’s interaction

• What are some useful tools to use when replying to high volume of comments and messages
• Best practices for replying on the page or why community management is an art that can make or break a page
• How to handle a social media crisis

Learn and improve

• How to understand and analyze the results
• What are some parameters you should care about when analyzing your performance
• Post examples
• Facebook do’s and don’ts

The 5th out of the 6

• Intro to sponsored campaigns on Facebook
• What are Facebook’s campaign marketing objectives and how they can be beneficial for your business

Do you have any questions?

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