Intro to Google Ads

When a potential customer is thinking about buying your product/service, what do they do?

In most cases, the first thing they’d do online would be to search for more information about it. And this search, in most cases by far happens on search engines, and in specific on Google. It gets better, because Google also has a network of millions of websites where businesses want and can showcase their product/service. It gets better one more time – video being the most favourable type of content, using Google Ads you can also reach the 2+ Billion YouTube users.


If you’re selling something (most of us do), you want to reach customers in critical times, one of them is when they actively search for the product or service they want to buy. That’s why Google Search is so powerful: the search results, one of them can be your website, are triggered by the user. Using the same platform to create your search campaign you can also create a campaign that will make you visible on the GDN, a network of 2+ Million websites and apps, some are internationally renown. The same platform also offers you the opportunity to get visible in front of 2+ Billion users who are consuming video on the largest video platform in the world – YouTube. This platform is Google Ads and this session is your intro guide to it.

My Intro to Google Ads training is designed to simplify search, display and video campaign creation on Google’s tool for ads, Google Ads (previously known as Google AdWords).

This training would be a good fit for you if you’re a manager, business owner, entrepreneur, digital marketer who wants to learn how to to create the different Google campaigns from scratch.

At the end of the session you’ll:

Understand the campaign hierarchy of search – from keywords (including research) through ad groups, ads and campaigns

Know how to create display and video campaigns including targeting of relevant audiences

Learn the add-on options for your campaign

Here’s what others liked about my sessions…


Search marketing

• The lighthouse of search
• Brief introduction to SEO – on-page and off-page practices
• Terminology

Google search

• How to use the keyword planner to find relevant and high volume keywords
• How to group your keywords and write compelling ads
• Extensions, call-outs and other campaign add-ons
• Learn from your results – which metrics you should care about
• Do’s and don’ts

Google display

• The lighthouse of display
• How to create a campaign and choose targeting that is relevant for your business and target audiences
• Ad types and dimensions
• How to know what is working for your campaigns and what’s not
• Do’s and don’ts


• The lighthouse of video
• YouTube video page recommendations
• How to create a campaign, including targeting
• Learn from the outcomes – benchmarks and metrics to pay attention to
• Do’s and don’ts

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