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Being the largest professional network in the world, focused on business professionals and professional content – LinkedIn is an opportunity missed for most businesses.

“Do business where business is done” is what LinkedIn goes by, and that is a very accurate description of reality. If you’re in the B2B business and/or you want to reach business professionals, LinkedIn is a natural choice to showcase your business on. 


To manage a successful LinkedIn Company page you need to excel at 6 aspects – 1) strategy and planning for your page 2) copywriting – the texts that appear with the content you create 3) the visual – whether a static or animated design or video 4) promoted campaigns – how to target and reach the audience that’s relevant for your business as well as create advanced types of ads 5) community management – replying to and managing all the interactions on your page and 6) learn from your results. And there’s a 7th ingredient – consistency is cruical to make this recipe successful.    

My LinkedIn for Business session helps you make sense of how to use this platform to make the most of it for your business. You and I will take a deep dive into 5 of the 6 aspects** above – strategy and planning of your content, text and designs that make people engage (While I’m not a designer/copywriter, I offer guidelines that will save you weeks of trying it yourself), how to manage the interactions on your page and how you can learn from your results. 

If you’re a manager, business owner, entrepreneur, digital marketer who wants to learn what LinkedIn can do for your business, this one is for you.

**Learn more about the 5th aspect’s (promoted campaigns) training here.

At the end of this session you’ll:

Know how to improve your page’s overall visibility

Create content that the people you want to reach the most would react to

Know how to manage your page’s interactions to your benefit

Be familiar with the different post/ad types that are available 

What did others like/say?


LinkedIn for Business overview

• The lighthouse of LinkedIn
• LinkedIn’s advantages and disadvantages

Your company page

• How to improve your page’s visibility
• “Behind the scenes” of your page – admin tools and insights available for page managers

Your page’s content

• Plan and strategize your ongoing content
• How to craft LinkedIn posts that stand out
• LinkedIn for pages post and ad types

Manage your community

• How to reply to people on the page to maximize engagement
• Community management don’ts

Monitor, analyze, report, learn

• Learn from the results
• What are some parameters you should pay attention to
• Post examples
• LinkedIn do’s and don’ts

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