LinkedIn’s Campaign Manager

Creating promoted campaigns on LinkedIn enables businesses do things that are extremely beneficial for their visibility but they never knew they can!

Marketing objectives that you can choose based on the different touch points in the funnel, reaching to people who are on your customer list, have visited your page or website, targeting people that work for specific company or in a certain seniority are just a few examples of what you can do with the campaign manager. Allow me to show you this… and more!


The most common post type is text + image (or video + text) and when you post it, it most probably reaches (some of) your followers but that’s about it. Thing is, you can create more types of ads – carousel, lead generation, in-mail and conversation ads are just a few examples. And then – you can show these to people whom you choose based on your potential client’s profile. 

In this Campaign Manager training I will show you – step by step – how to create superb promoted campaigns and introduce you to the campaign manager and its abilities.

This session would be a right fit for you if you’re a manager, business owner, entrepreneur, online marketer who runs or want to run paid ads on LinkedIn and learn the professional-in-depth way of doing so.

At the end of the session you’ll know:

How to create a campaign on LinkedIn – from a>z

The different ad types including advanced ones such as lead generation, conversation and in-mail 

What is the LinkedIn marketing funnel and how to choose an objective that suits with your business goals

How to create and target advanced audiences

What did others say about my sessions?


LinkedIn ads – general overview

• LinkedIn for business – the yeses and the nos
• LinkedIn terminology

LinkedIn campaign creation

• The different marketing objectives and how each one can help you reach your goal
• Set up the ideal campaign – budget, target audiences based on skills, interest, demographics and other advanced options
• How to create an ad and where it appears on your page

More about your campaign

• Target audiences estimate and precision
• How long should you run your campaign and how to estimate reach based on budget

Matched audiences

• The advantages of using matched audiences in your campaigns
• How to create and use matched audiences and lookalikes

Monitoring, reports and analysis

• How to use the campaign manager to learn from your results
• Important metrics to follow up on


• Ad examples
• Ad do’s and don’ts

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