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No big words. No fancy strategies.

Learn how to generate contact details of people who are interested in what you’re selling. Immediate and inexpensive leads for your business are one course away.  

 I’m Chen, a digital marketer since 2009, and the Co-Founder and Head of Digital at Quantum. I’ve helped 150+ companies like yours since 2015 to improve their visibility online. I’ve also trained people from 350+ companies in my trainings.

And today, I’m going to (if you’ll allow me) – help you!

For you to get to know me better – here’s a bit of me:

What is the course about and who is it for?

You know that there’s potential on Facebook and LinkedIn, you know this is where people spend their time. You know that other businesses (including your competitors) succeed there.

But you also realize that the platforms are complicated. Every day there’s something new, you don’t understand where to change this thing and where to click for that thing.

So here’s the deal – without fancy jargon and big words – this course will teach you – step by step – how to create Facebook and LinkedIn Lead Ads.

The kind of ads that generate immediate leads for your business – fast, inexpensively and easily (well, after you take the course 😊).  

As one of many bonuses you’ll also get a peak into Google Ads and Landing Pages.

 If you’re a small business owner that is doing things her/himself, a marketer who wants to learn how to create lead ads, anyone who’s curious on how to use Facebook and LinkedIn in a way that brings business in – this course is for you! 

What do you get when buying the course?

The course: 7 Facebook Lead Ads Lessons + 1 bonus lesson; 7 LinkedIn Lead Ads Lessons; 5 Google Search Bonus lessons and 2 Landing Pages Bonus lessons

Free entry to a closed and exclusive Facebook group where you get news, updates and inspiration!

All the summary slides of the course + other links and sources in the course materials!

Course completion certification signed by me!

One hour free consultation with me! You decide on which digital marketing subject you'd like to talk about - whether you want me to help you create a campaign, advise on your digital marketing assets - you got it!

Step-by-step Trainings

Up-To-Date Methods


All Questions Answered

Additional Bonuses

Understand the fundamentals of Google Paid Search and Landing Pages in these 7 bonus FREE lessons!

Google Search Paid Ads how to

5 Google Search Paid Ads Bonus Lessons

Google search is the channel that businesses should care about the most. The intent of a user actively searching for what you’re selling is unbeatable. Learn the concept of Google Search Paid Ads in 5 free lessons given to you when you purchase the course.  

Included in course price

2 How to Generate Leads using Landing Pages Bonus Lessons

Landing pages are a no brainer when it comes to lead generation. In these 2 free lessons you’ll learn the concept of landing pages, see examples of some and save a lot of time by getting the complete list of landing pages do’s and don’ts. 

Included in course price

Want a sneak peek?

Not sure if we’re the right fit? I invite you to see me in action in the “The World of Online Marketing” section, where I map out the online marketing world for you, I show you what are the main channels and why are they interesting for businesses. Sit back, relax and let the learning begin!


After the course is done – it’s not a goodbye!

After completing the course, I don’t want us to say goodbye! I’m happy to keep supporting your ongoing efforts by enabling you access to a closed and exclusive Facebook group which I manage together with my team. In this group – you’ll get news, updates, interesting campaigns and inspiration. You can also ask-all-you-want and we’re happy to answer!

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