Your small marketing agency is selling steaks

Written by Chen Hindi

On September 18, 2020

Quantum was founded in 2015 and since then yours truly have generated and followed up on all the invoices. We’re talking about a few thousands of them.

For small and medium businesses getting paid when the job is done is crucial for their on-going operations, cash flow and future of the company. Why do clients think that the “Net+30”, “Net+60” or worse is an acceptable model of payment?

Why not think of paying suppliers as if any one of them was a restaurant – will you eat a steak on the 5th of January and come back to pay for it on the 28th of February? You and I both know the answer to it. Treat any small/medium business as if it was a restaurant – it’s not only the right thing to do but it’s also an indication of a good company culture.

P.S. big businesses? I don’t know about you, but Google, Facebook. LinkedIn, MailChimp, Amazon, Aliexpress and so many others have our credit cards on file and they don’t care or ask me about my cashflow. When the time comes – the credit card is charged. If there’s an issue with the transaction, they simply take down your campaigns/suspend your accounts, no questions asked.

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