Sharing is not a zero-sum game

Sharing knowledge is not a zero-sum game.  Giving doesn’t mean that you or someone else is losing. @chen_hindi It’s not a zero-sum game.#onlinemarketingcoach #onlinemarketingtraining #digitalmarketingcoach #onlinemarketingcourse #digitalmarketingcoaching...

Don’t take it privately

It’s something businesses often do on social media: when people leave public comments, they tend to shift the conversation to private. This can create the wrong impression that you’re “trying to hide” certain information, which can then impact the way people...

They understood FOMO first

When you’re launching an email campaign for your business, your first aim is to get people curious enough to open it.  The subject line is the key to achieving this goal, and one effective strategy is to add a sense of urgency.  You want your subscribers to feel...

Here to stay

I’m not a person of trends.  I think it’s mostly because I fundamentally believe in showing up over time and as I’ve grown, it’s also about long-term vision and execution.  So while I’ve integrated ChatGPT into all my training and talks since the end of 2022, I...

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