3 Insta Stories Ideas for Your Business

Written by Chen Hindi

On June 30, 2023

Meta “drew inspiration” from Snapchat when it introduced Stories in 2016 and integrated it across its platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp.

On Instagram, Stories quickly gained popularity and remains a preferred way of consuming content on the platform to this day.

A big advantage for businesses is that Stories don’t require significant visual investments. The content can (and should be) casual due to the temporary nature of the format, lasting for only 24 hours.

Here are three content ideas for effectively using Instagram Stories to engage your audience:

1. “Life in”: Showcase your company culture, team gatherings, and office environment.

2. “Behind the scenes”: Share insights into your work processes, provide glimpses of internal meetings, and highlight ongoing projects by your teams.

3. “Account takeover”: Allow team members to take over your company’s Instagram account for 24 hours and share a day in their work life.


Meta was “inspired” by Snapchat when it created Stories and implemented it across its platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp. On Instagram, it quickly became and until this day, a preferred way to consume content. Stories’ biggest advantage for businesses is that it doesn’t require heavy investment in terms of the visual, as the content can and should be casual, due to the nature of the format (temporary, for 24 hours). Here are 3 content ideas for how you can use Instagram Stories to engage your audiences. #instagramstories #instamarketing #instagrammarketing #instagramforbusiness #instagramads #onlinemarketing #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketingtrainer #digitalmarketingcourse #onlinemarketingtrainer #onlinemarketingcourse #chenhindi @Instagram Creators

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