From training to training

Two of the most important decisions I made in 2016 were: 1. Actively sharing my professional knowledge. It started with training and talks and expanded into an educational mobile app and a significant amount of content created to date. Teaching others not only feels...

Dwell time

Dwell time isn’t an intuitive form of engagement like likes, comments, or shares.  However, it indicates that users find the content interesting.  This is why social media platforms consider it a form of engagement when their algorithms decide whether to boost a...

A giant shopping mall

A common misconception among businesses is that simply building a website will attract users organically, as if it’s an instant digital marketing tool that generates traffic and engagement on its own. Unless you’re a super brand, this is rarely the case. While your...

DCA (Dynamic Creative Ads)

In the Meta Ads Manager, there’s an option called Dynamic Creative Ads that advertisers should definitely be aware of.  It allows you to upload various elements of an ad such as visuals, texts, headlines, and CTAs, and then Meta works its magic to mix and match...

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