Email Marketing Fundamentals

I know – email feels like it’s the 90’s or worst – spam. 

But it’s a fact… Email marketing is one of the most, if not THE most effective online marketing channels that exist out there.

Why? Penetration rate – more than 90% of internet users have an email address and most of them use it every day. It’s personal, less noisy and people tend to come back to their older emails. What’s more, an email list is something you own, unlike being depended on a 3rd party (social media, search, display…).

I’ve ran and managed thousands of email marketing campaigns and today I want to show you the best practices to get your email marketing machine running.

What is the course about and who is it for?

Using your own email address to send to hundreds of addresses, sending from a generic name (“newsletter” (!)), uninteresting subject lines that don’t encourage anyone to open your email and a “buy-from-me-buy-from-me-buy-from-me” approach are some of the common mistakes business owners/managers/marketers make. 

In this course I’ll show you how to think of your email campaign from A>Z.

From the sender-subject line-preview to the content of the email and how to grow your list, I’m going to break down for you email so that you can start making your email a revenue channel. 

 If you’re a small business owner that is doing things her/himself, a marketer who wants to learn how to talk to their audiences, anyone who’s curious on how to use Email in a way that brings results – this course is for you!  

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Additional Bonuses

Learn how to avoid reaching the spam and how to create an email campaign on 2 popular email marketing service provider platforms! 

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How to Avoid Reaching the Spam Bonus Lesson

Unfortunately, it’s almost inevitable to reach the spam on some subscribers’ emails. The good news is that there are many things you can do in advance to try and make it as less likely as possible. In this bonus lesson I offer 16 tips and ways on how to avoid reaching the spam folder: in the setup level, on your lists management and on your email content levels.

Included in course price

How to Create a Campaign on MailChimp and SendGrid

Most email marketing service provider platforms offer a user friendly interface for you to create and manage your campaigns. You’ll find that some features are paid but for the most part, you can start using the platforms for free and check if caters for your needs. In this lesson I show you how to create a campaign from scratch on 2 popular platforms – MailChimp and SendGrid.

Included in course price

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Not sure if we’re the right fit? I invite you to see me in action in 2 free lessons, where I share with you the lighthouse to email marketing, and talk about the inbox. Sit back, relax and let the learning begin!

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