“I don’t have time”

Written by Chen Hindi

On January 24, 2023

“I don’t have time to do this” is one of the most common reasons I hear as to why managers/business owners/marketers don’t properly invest in social media for their business, content creation for their LinkedIn profile, understanding email marketing, hoping on the train of the Short-form video revolution, etc, etc… you get it. 

But what they miss is that time is something you make, *IF* you think it’s important. 

You wouldn’t avoid taxes because you don’t have time to deal with it;

You wouldn’t skip salaries because you didn’t have time to do the bank transfers;

You wouldn’t postpone interviews for a position that needs to be filled because you don’t have slots on your calendar;

You get it… 

So if you think it’s important, and you see the value in it on both the short term and long term, you should either make time for it or find professionals to do it for you (and even then – make sure to allocate some time to guide them on how you want your brand to be communicated and what it is that you want to achieve). 

You live in the best time for businesses in terms of ease of reach and distribution, using the tools available for you simply makes sense. You just need to decide it’s important enough.


One of the most common reasons I hear from managers, business owners, entrepreneurs for not fully engaging in social media for business, LinkedIn profile content creation, email marketing, embracing the short-form video revolution… is “I don’t have time for this”. What they overlook is that time is something you make, **if** you think it’s important. So if you believe in the importance of a digital marketing channel and recognize its value both in the short and long run, you should either make time for it or hire professionals to handle it for you. Even in the latter case, remember to allocate some time to provide guidance on how you want your brand to be portrayed and your objectives. You live in an era that offers businesses unprecedented accessibility and distribution opportunities. Making use of the available tools is just the logical choice. Simply decide that it’s important enough for your business’ growth. #digitalmarketing #socialmediamarketing #chenhindi #businessgrowth

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