I was Sisyphus until I wasn’t

Written by Chen Hindi

On October 9, 2020

In the first 2 years or so of Quantum, every business owner or manager I met I was trying to convince so hard about why online marketing is important for his/her business.

I’m not referring to “why my company” in specific, I mean the whole concept of just doing online marketing for their businesses – why when a person searches for the service/product they sell, their website should come up, why their social media pages should be kept at a high standard and why remarketing is good for their brand.

It took me some time but eventually I realized that I’m doing it wrong. People who refuse to understand why it’s important to be visible where most people’s attention is today – including themselves, simply don’t want to be convinced.

So I stopped.

Today I’m happy to make big efforts with people that see me as their partner and not as a sales woman trying to sell them on the crazy concept of the Internet.

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