LinkedIn Inspiration

Written by Chen Hindi

On November 25, 2021

LinkedIn, without a doubt, is one of my favourite platforms. I think there’s a huge opportunity there for professionals to get massive distribution (a window which is closing with time, so you should hurry up). 

I talk about it with anyone who’s willing to listen so the follow up question is usually about examples of people who I think are rocking the platform. 

Here’s my answer – at least 13 parts of it:  

  1. Dave Gerhardt 
  2. Katie Mitchell
  3. Chris Walker
  4. MJ Peters
  5. Daniel Murray
  6. Maya Grossman
  7. Harry Dry
  8. Jennifer Welsh
  9. Justin Welsh 
  10. Austin Belcak
  11. Simcha Kackley
  12. Jasmin (Jay) Alic
  13. Jade Bonacolta

All of the above create great, valuable content, well written and interesting, in a consistent way and which talks to their target audiences.

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