One of THE best investments ROI wise

Written by Chen Hindi

On February 9, 2023

Can you think for a quick second about the next question – 

As an individual, how many times in the last year have you been disappointed with the service of a business you bought something from?

Being the most innovative, best creative, most entrepreneurial… Far too many managers invest an unimaginable time to (try and) achieve these titles, while it’s so much easier to stand out:

Customer service. 

Just in the last 2 weeks – 

An airline I’m a frequent flyer with had a 2 hours check-in delay, which resulted in my suitcases arriving only the day after to my destination. I opened a ticket, they replied immediately but then disappeared. 

I made a transfer between my accounts, but the bank decided not to convert the full amount. I had to write to them via IB, but by their reply, it was as if the person didn’t even read what I wrote. So then I had an email exchange with them, which, you guessed it… didn’t resolve it as well. 

My hotel room hadn’t been cleaned by late afternoon, so I called the reception, but still, no one came. I had to go and ask again face to face. Later that night I didn’t have hot water, nor in the morning after. 

I can go on and on. 

Now, I’m not telling you about these incidents as a frustrated consumer, I’m telling you that as someone who’s being approached constantly by businesses to be advised on how to improve their brand visibility, and as someone who’s constantly thinking about CX. 

So before jumping into emerging techs, disruptive tools and new trends, perhaps you should stop and ask yourself, this time, as a manager/business owner – are my customers getting the best service that I can give them, and beyond? 

If the answer is an absolute yes – chapeau. 

If you’re hesitating, go back to the drawing board and think about what you can do to improve how your customers feel when they need your business’s support. 

Happy customers is by far one of THE best investments, ROI wise, you can make in your brand.

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