The (Foreseeable) Future of Digital Marketing

Written by Chen Hindi

On February 7, 2023

I think it’s pretentious to predict the future (and Covid taught us all a very important lesson in this regard), and yet as business owners, managers, marketers, we must pay attention to where things are going, or else, we’ll either miss opportunities and/or stay behind. 

Here’s what I expect the foreseeable future of digital marketing is going to be, in 71 seconds, a glimpse from a 2-hours talk I delivered recently.

@chen_hindi While it’s not an easy task to predict the future, as managers/business owners/marketers, we have to pay attention to the trends, movements and changes that are happening in the digital world and that are going to change how we’re communicating with our customers and potential customers. This is a glimpse to a 2-hours talk I delivered about the Future of Digital Marketing (5 Years Window). #futureofdigitalmarketing #futureofonlinemarketing #digitalmarketer #onlinemarketer #digitalmarketingtrainer #digitalmarketingtalk #onlinemarketingtrainer #onlinemarketingcourse #learnontiktok #chenhindi #digitalmarketingspeaker #onlinemarketingspeaker ♬ Koh Phangan – BLVKSHP

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