Three LinkedIn profile tips

Written by Chen Hindi

On January 9, 2024

Three LinkedIn profile tips:

1. Schedule your posts in advance. A best practice is to develop a monthly content calendar, prepare your posts early, and set them to go live at predetermined times.

2. Boost engagement right away, especially if you’re regularly producing content, by encouraging people to sign up for notifications about your upcoming posts.

3. Write your posts in a manner that sparks curiosity among users, leading them to click on “see more.” This signals to LinkedIn that your content is interesting and helps increase the visibility of your posts.


Here are three tips to upgrade your LinkedIn profile usage: 1. You can and should schedule your posts. Best practice involves working with a monthly plan, creating your posts in advance and then scheduling them ahead of time. 2. To encourage immediate engagement on your posts, especially if you constantly create content, consider inviting people to receive notifications about your future posts. 3. When writing your posts, try breaking up the sentences in a way that piques users’ curiosity, prompting them to click “see more.” This indicates to LinkedIn that your content is engaging, which positively impacts your post’s exposure. #linkedinprofile #linkedintips #linkedinprofiletips #chenhindi #learnontiktok @LinkedIn

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