We are on the same side

Written by Chen Hindi

On January 31, 2021

Ego-related behaviour is very common however SO redundant in people, IMHO.

The inability to accept feedback*, learn and grow from it, the lack of capacity to listen and take it from others who have been through similar experiences, the thought that we know best and/or vice versa – the other person doesn’t know sh*t, are all potential to delay one’s professional development.

Think of it like this – if a robot would say those things – would you care where the robot is from, what’s its gender and what it has achieved in its life so far?

Take it from someone who knows well (😉) – it’s uncomfortable, but the less importance you give to your ego, the faster you can improve and the better you will be at what you do.

*I do acknowledge that *how* people share feedback makes a huge difference in the willingness to accept it and that not anyone who happens to have an opinion, can help you improve.