Dig, there’s more

Written by Chen Hindi

On February 10, 2021

Many marketers/business owners are mistaken to feel that one* online marketing platform is saturated too fast and that there’s nothing else to explore for their business.

But there’s so much opportunity to take on existing platforms that most marketers miss.

For example – ad types.

The most common ad on social is text + image.


Facebook alone has 10 marketing objectives**, and even more types of ads you can create.
LinkedIn has 7 campaign objectives and many more ad types within those.
Instagram’s more limited but still, any marketing objective that exists for FB also exists for Insta as for both platforms, campaigns are created on FB’s ads manager.

Many of these ads are a great way to generate tests and more importantly – bring results.

So before you’ve had enough with one channel – make sure to dig, because there’s more!

*I don’t encourage single platform usage as it is essential to not only spread your risk over several, but also to understand what works for your business

**Marketing objectives don’t exactly represent ad types, but for example, lead generation ads can be created only by using one specific marketing objective

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