Lighthouse of 3 Words

Written by Chen Hindi

On February 18, 2021

So many platforms your business “should be” on:

Search: Google, Bing, someone said Baidu?

Display: GDN, ad networks…

Social: Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest… did I hear Clubhouse? 

Email and then some: video (mmm YouTube anyone?), mobile, content, influencer… 

You get the point, I can go on forever… 😊


So, how to choose and where to go from there? 

In 3 words: 

Attention, Intention, Engagement 

Attention – where are your users’ eyes and ears? Where do they login every day? (doesn’t matter how much hype Clubhouse gets now, if your audience is not there, maybe hang on a second)

Intention – when they do login to this platform, what do they expect to see? (people go to Snapchat to “vomit rainbows” but they visit LinkedIn to connect with professionals while wearing a suit.)

Engagement – how do you make them engage* with your content on the specific platform? (that’s the holy grail, “just” being there is not going to help you. Quite on the contrary – dormant accounts can send out the wrong message.)


I call it “The Lighthouse of Online Marketing” and I think it’s the 3 questions any marketer/manager should ask her/himself before, during and after choosing to go live on a specific platform.


*Engagement that is relevant, cute cats – unless you’re in the pet food business – don’t count