How can you measure what you can’t?

Written by Chen Hindi

On February 25, 2021

I can’t count how many times this is happening: 

A business launches or relaunches their new website or celebrates some sort of a milestone. 

The teams get excited creating or updating their accounts all over social media and other online platforms, getting likes, clicks, visits … happiness… fireworks… 🎉

And then…


The excitement wore off and with it the investment in online presence. 

And that’s a big miss-out. 

Being consistent online (or offline) with your brand is essential for its success. 

Most things online can be measured but how would you quantify the incoming business worth of ongoing presence on Facebook or LinkedIn, for example, for the past 4-5-6 years? 

I know I can’t quantify it, but I do know – by doing – that being in front of your audiences, whether they’re potential, existing, all of it or part of it – every week – on their feeds, on their favourite news websites, on YouTube or in their inbox is a superpower that you must not ignore (and can easily adopt). 

So you should start, but maybe more important – don’t stop.