Get really good at 4 and then sprint for the 6

Written by Chen Hindi

On March 16, 2021

Management of a social media business page includes 6 aspects: strategy & planning, copywriting, design/video, paid ads, community management and analysis, monitoring & reporting. 

The issue is most businesses and marketers are only good (I wouldn’t even say excellent) at 2, max 3 of them. So they’d have, for example, great visuals and good copy but nothing when it comes to running smart paid ads and then analyzing their results, plus no one to cater for the engagement on the page (comments, DMs, etc). 

And then they get the wrong notion that maybe social media ain’t a big thing for companies. 

To run a successful page, you need to get really good at at least 4 of these aspects so you can fundamentally understand the value of social media for businesses. You then sprint to complete the picture with the rest of the 2 aspects (whatever they may be in your specific case). 

Combine this with consistency and you’ve got a winner.

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