3 fundamental questions

Written by Chen Hindi

On November 6, 2023

Crafting an online marketing strategy can feel overwhelming given the abundance of online platforms at your disposal. 

To simplify the process, think about these three essential questions when determining where to direct your efforts:

1. Where does my target audience primarily focus their attention? Where do they dedicate their time and attention?

2. Why do they use of a specific platform? The purposes behind people using LinkedIn differ from those on Instagram or checking their email.

3. How can I engage them?

The subsequent consideration should revolve around your capacity. 

It’s essential to prioritize which platforms to initially concentrate on.

Even if your target audience is spread across various platforms, it doesn’t necessitate your immediate presence on all of them. 

Instead, begin with what you can manage, learn, refine, and gradually expand to include more platforms as you accumulate experience and insights.


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