A small window of opportunity

Written by Chen Hindi

On October 14, 2021

I’m sure it’s not big news to you that social feeds are extremely busy and noisy. Users scroll through fast and furious and your job is to make them stop. 

But what (mostly) draws their attention?

The visual*. 

Sounds obvious? Not really. Chronologically speaking, they should first see who the post is from, read the primary text… however the feed has its own rules. 

In an environment as busy as this, where you need your business to be noticed, you should: 

– Choose a striking-different-authentic photo (the generic finger touching a screen to exemplify tech ain’t going to cut it)

– Make sure to put a tagline: short-interesting-punchy phrase on the visual, that’s the 2nd thing the user will notice

– Use the right dimensions, I see far too many times companies using artworks that are too big and therefore cut, too small and therefore are blurry and/or simply don’t look good 

The window of opportunity to make a user stop is small, so every little detail matters.

*In this post I refer mainly to static designs or simple animated designs. Video is a whole different story.

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