Digital platforms by the numbers

Written by Chen Hindi

On March 14, 2024

Some* of the largest communities in the world by the numbers.

Over 1 Billion 

The largest platform, by far, is Facebook. As per the company’s announcement in February 2024 it has 2.11 Billion DAUs (Daily Active Users, which represent 69% of its 3.065 Billion MAUs (Monthly Active Users).

Instagram has over 2 Billion MAUs, as so does WhatsApp

Messenger has over 1.3 Billion MAUs

In the Meta family of apps, Meta has 3.19 Billion DAUs, which represent 80% of their and 3.89 Billion MAUs

Sources: Facebook Investors; Adam Mosseri; About WhatsApp; Messenger Ads

YouTube doesn’t currently show overall MAUs across the board; rather, it reports more than a Billion daily views on connected TVs and over 70 Billion daily Shorts views. 

Until the beginning of 2023, YouTube said it had over 2 Billion registered users, so I can only assume they have crossed the 3 Billion mark, and the numbers are pretty similar to those of Facebook.

Source: YouTube for Press 

TikTok announced it crossed the 1 Billion MAUs a while ago and repeated this number the end of 2023.

Source: TikTok Newsroom 

LinkedIn by Microsoft has more than 1 Billion registered professionals on its platform.

Source: About LinkedIn

Platform Daily (Billions) Monthly (Billions)
Meta’s Family of Apps 3.19 3.98
Facebook 2.11 3.065
YouTube 2
Instagram 2
WhatsApp 2
Messenger 1.3
TikTok 1
LinkedIn 1


In the hundreds of millions

Telegram, a WhatsApp-like app, has 900 Million MAUs | Source: CEO interview to FT (until they update their FAQ page 🙂)

Formerly known as Twitter, X has 528.3 Million monetizable MAUs | Source: Twitter for Business

Pinterest hosts 498 Million MAUs | Source: Pinterest Investors

Snap has 414 Million DAUs | Source: Snap Investors 

Quora has more than 400 Million MAUs | Source: Quora for Business

Threads by Meta has more than 130 Million MAUs | Source: Mark Zuckerberg

Medium has over 100 Million MAUs | Source: About Medium  

Reddit has more than 70 Million DAUs | Source: Reddit for Business 

Tumblr hosts more than 135 Million MAUs | Source: Tumblr for Press 

Not exactly a social media, instant messaging, or sharing app, but one of the most fascinating tools that came to the world in November 2022 is ChatGPT. It reached 100 Million users within two months, the fastest to ever do so, and recently, Open AI’s CEO announced that it has 100 Million users weekly | Source: Techcrunch  

Platform Daily (Millions) Monthly (Millions)
Telegram 900
X (Twitter) 528.3
Pinterest 498
Snap 414
Quora 400
Reddit 70
Tumblr 135
Threads 130
ChatGPT 100


More stats about connectivity can be found on Datarportal.

*There are several other huge communities like those mentioned above, such as Russia’s VK and China’s WeChat. You can learn more about them on Quantum’s website in this link.

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