Underrated engagement on social media

Written by Chen Hindi

On March 15, 2024

One of the most underrated engagements on social media is “save”. 

When people save your content, it means it was extremely valuable for them. 

So valuable that they either want to revisit it later to act on or draw inspiration from it. 

It’s not just you, as a marketer or entrepreneur, who overlooks this metric. 

Even the platforms themselves that prioritize showing you metrics like views, reach, likes and shares, but not as readily your most saved posts.  

But now you know. So you have no excuse not to check which of your posts were saved the most each week, month, quarter or a year. 

In the photo: an example from TikTok, a platform that explicitly shows users (it’s not as evident in the insights though) how many saves a post has. You can clearly see that one of these two videos has more views, while the other has significantly more “saves”. That indicates to me, as the creator, that although it had fewer views, it was highly valuable to users on the feed.

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