From training to training

Written by Chen Hindi

On May 27, 2024

Two of the most important decisions I made in 2016 were:

1. Actively sharing my professional knowledge. It started with training and talks and expanded into an educational mobile app and a significant amount of content created to date. Teaching others not only feels like the right thing to do but also makes me better at what I do.

2. Working out regularly. There are a million reasons why, but to name a few—it gives me clarity, improves my mood, and is an investment in my health.

It’s Monday—make a decision and stick to it. Your future self will thank you.

Thank you for being here!

I don’t say it as a cliche -
I genuinely enjoy sharing knowledge.

I’ve built a business from the ground up, managed dozens of employees over the years, worked with hundreds of brands and trained people from 500+ companies. As a result, I have gained valuable insights that I’m happy to pass on to others - twice a week, on Tuesday and Friday.

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