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Written by Chen Hindi

On December 14, 2020

Work-life balance is such a weird choice of words. We spend so many hours working – most of the weekdays and for many on weekends/holidays as well. How could it be that only on the other side of all these hours there’s life?

Yes, maybe our job didn’t turn out exactly how we imagined it, perhaps not everyone around us are our best friends and for sure – we should spend enough time with our families and friends as well as enjoy our hobbies, but we can also say these things in regards to many other aspects of our lives.

At work we challenge ourselves, and are challenged by others – internally and externally, we create human connections, we celebrate successes and are accountable for failures, we achieve personal development and always have room to learn more. How could all of that not be a part of life?

As I believe that “language creates reality”* I suggest we swap to professional-personal / work-personal / work-family balance / any other term you may suggest that would resonate and help us stop thinking about work as what stands between us and our lives and our happiness.

*Free translation from Hebrew but I’m sure you get the point!

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