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Written by Chen Hindi

On September 8, 2023
I’m not a person of trends. 

I think it’s mostly because I fundamentally believe in showing up over time and as I’ve grown, it’s also about long-term vision and execution. 

So while I’ve integrated ChatGPT into all my training and talks since the end of 2022, I haven’t written about it here, nor have I tried to sell dedicated training for it. 

Now, in particular after the craze has calmed down (did you know user count fell for the first time in June?), and after I used it myself on a daily basis and thousands of times, I believe it’s safe to say that not using ChatGPT and similar AI software simply leaves you behind.

Copywriting is a task where it significantly simplifies your life.


In a world of ChatGPT (and other similar software), your copywriting has become x100 easier. There are no excuses for you to publish something with mistakes or a bad structure, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can write social media posts, articles, blog posts (and even books or screenplays) using these tools. Just make sure that the tone and style are aligned with what you want your brand to convey. #chatgpt #contentcreation #chenhindi #learnontiktok #copywriting

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