You’re on too many platforms

Written by Chen Hindi

On September 4, 2023

Too many businesses try to be “everywhere”.

I get that the wealth of platforms create a FOMO but if you spread yourself too thin, you might think you’re everywhere, but you’ll be nowhere. 

You should focus your efforts on 2-3 platforms to start with. 

Dive into them, learn the ins and outs, and once you’ve got a good grasp and are making progress, you can think about expanding to other platforms. 

This approach will likely yield better results for your business.


A lot of businesses make this mistake – they are on too many platforms because they want to be “everywhere” (hopefully everywhere where their audiences are), while they are not mastering any of them. My suggestion is to focus on 2-3 platforms, learn their ins and outs, and once you understand them and gain traction, scale to other platforms. #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketingtrainer #digitalmarketingcourse #onlinemarketingtrainer #onlinemarketingcourse #chenhindi #learnontiktok

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