Less is more

Written by Chen Hindi

On June 12, 2022

When you create for online platforms, where there’s so much noise, you should focus your message. 

Here’s a quick proof from someone who is most definitely not in the bad company of marketers. Adam Grant and colleagues looked at a large university sending out emails to a 1,000 alumni who never donated before. The emails focused on 2 different reasons to donate, one highlighted helping others – your donation will support someone else, while the second highlighted personal benefit – your donation will make you feel better about yourself. Both performed more or less the same. 

So then they tried a third version – combining the 2 reasons, thinking it would outperform. The odds of donations dropped by half (from 6.5% to below 3%). 

Too many businesses try to communicate all the benefits of buying their products/services in one breath, one Facebook, Instagram, Google Search or banner ad as if more is more, but the reality is that less IS more.

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