LinkedIn company page vs. your profile

Written by Chen Hindi

On July 31, 2022

Many people ask me whether they should focus on their personal profile on LinkedIn or their company page. 

Each has very different advantages – 

While with profiles it’s easier to generate engagement, company pages allow you to build a brand that will take your company beyond and independently of the individual.  

While company pages allow you to run paid targeted ads and dig into comprehensive analytics, with a profile you can actively reach out to people and have private conversations.

While you need to invest much effort in both, managing a personal profile demands a smaller range of skills. A company page on the other side, makes you look bigger. 

So unless you’re a solopreneur and the business is all about you without intention to scale up, the truth is that it’s not either/or, you should create ongoing visibility for both and, they should “live” in harmony with each other.

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