Imagine it was a physical shop

Written by Chen Hindi

On July 24, 2022

Imagine – never mind which product/service you’re selling for a moment – that you own a physical shop to sell your stuff.

How often would you change the display window? In what frequency do you think you’ll clean it, revamp it, improve it? I guess your answer is anywhere between “every few days” to “every few months”.

Now think of your business’s website. When was the last time you looked at it, checked if it needs any updates? Just generally took actions to improve it? I’m not talking about a website overall revamp. I assume the answer is anywhere between “a few months ago” to “1-2 (more?!) years ago”.

When you realize that your website is an outlet, it’s easier to understand why you need to think about it more frequently than what you’re doing now.

It’s the one that determines what people think of you before they get in touch with you. Another thing is that your website is just another shop in a giant shopping mall that is called the internet, people don’t just visit it, but when they do, the first impression counts. A lot.

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