Take It Down In This Case

Written by Chen Hindi

On July 17, 2022

It happened more than once that I told a business owner/manager to take down his/her social media page. 

Wait, what? 

The thing is, social media doesn’t work like billboards or print ads – you can’t just show up whenever you want and then disappear. 

For many reasons, but one that you can’t ignore is that if people end up visiting your page, it looks bad (really bad) if they see that the last time you updated it was a month ago or worse – 6, 12, 24 months ago. 

If you’re not convinced that social media works for businesses, it means you won’t allocate resources for it, and if that’s the case, your page won’t serve any purpose, quite on the contrary. 

And in that scenario – it’s better to not have it at all.

You win, and then you win!

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