Not all videos should be created equal

Written by Chen Hindi

On April 5, 2024

When you assign creative people like videographers and graphic designers only to deliver the end result, you’re likely to have a problem. 

More often than not, they don’t consider the platforms they’re creating for. 

And that leads to content that is not adapted to the different platforms. 

Even within the platforms, you need to fundamentally understand the difference. 

A video meant for short-form demands a different approach than the one you create for long-form, even though they’re both for the same platform. Similarly, Stories represent an entirely different feed.

It’s not only on them. 

As the marketer or manager, it’s your responsibility to consider the purpose of your videos and to accordingly brief the team involved in the creation process.


It’s a common issue when creatives, such as videographers and graphic designers, are solely responsible for the final product. Too often, they don’t consider the specific platform for which the video is intended, resulting in content that isn’t optimally adapted to the different intents of different platforms. Moreover, there are differences even within the platforms themselves. For example, a video intended for short-form types like TikTok, Reels, and Shorts requires a different approach than one designed for long-form content or Stories. This is also your responsibility as the marketer or manager to think about what is the purpose of your video and brief the professionals working on it accordingly. #videomarketing #digitalmarketing #chenhindi

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