Rule for yourself

Written by Chen Hindi

On April 24, 2023

LinkedIn is for losers, narcissists, bragging and may I add – for arrogant, stuck-up, show-off people…


If you’re active on other platforms, you know – 

These are common perceptions about the platform. 

And while the truth is probably in the middle, there’s one thing about LinkedIn that you can’t miss: 

People have more self-control (or shall I say – keyboard control) there, and it simply makes it a more pleasant place. 

Furthermore, I believe that most of the harsh things we say to each other in writing, we will not say face to face. And that, actually, makes LinkedIn the platform that mirrors real life interactions better than the others. 

So here’s a rule-for-yourself suggestion, that I made mine years ago and have always tried to follow: 

Don’t write things you wouldn’t say in person.


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