11 minutes? Not going to happen there.

Written by Chen Hindi

On April 23, 2023

You might find it hard to remember but you couldn’t always publish videos on social platforms. 

You could share links to videos but not upload them directly.

When it became possible on Facebook, businesses were (and until this day) very positive about it. Mostly because they experienced better results with it compared to those on YouTube.

But here’s the thing about videos on Facebook – 

Facebook counts a video view after 3 seconds. Also, videos play by default, automatically, on the feed. 

The combination creates a situation where you might see 100,000 views on your Facebook video but digging a bit further, you’ll find out that only 50% of these views were actually also 10-seconds views.

And this discovery is not very encouraging, as it implies that users were not interested.

Although many businesses can improve their video creation, in this case the root problem is the combination mentioned above. 

That’s one of the reasons that your go-to platform for long-form* videos should be YouTube. 


*Short-form video is an extremely popular type of content and needs to be considered with a different approach.


The (huge) difference between the way users consume video content on Facebook vs. YouTube in 35 seconds. #videomarketing #videomarketingdigital #videomarketingtips #videomarketingforbusiness #videomarketingstrategy #digitalmarketing #socialmediamarketing #socialmediaforsmallbusiness #businesstok #smallbusinesstiktok #socialmediaforbiz #socialmediaforbusiness #socialmediaforbusinesses #chenhindi

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