You’re interrupting them

Written by Chen Hindi

On April 17, 2023

The first aspect of the 6+1 framework of social media for business is strategy & planning.

Too many managers, business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers wrongly assume that using social media is easy and straightforward for businesses as it is for individuals. 

The reality is that social media for businesses is far more complex, mainly due to the fact that people use it to connect with other people, not businesses. 

That necessarily means that we, as businesses, interrupt them. 

And if we do that, we should do it in the most optimal way. 

That starts with a proper strategy.


The 1st of the 6+1 aspects of social media is strategy and planning. Many business owners/managers/marketers tend to think that because it’s easy to use as an individual, it would be the same for businesses. Social media for business is far more complicated than it is for individuals, and one of the main reasons for that is the simple principle that people come on social media for other people, not for businesses which means that we are interrupting them. And if we do that, we better do it in the best way possible. That starts with a proper strategy. More about the 6+1 aspects of social media here: @Chen | Digital Marketing Coach #socialmediamarketing #socialmediaforsmallbusiness #socialmediaforbiz #socialmediaforbusiness #socialmediaforsmallbusinesses #socialmediaforsmallbiz #socialmediaforbusinesses #smallbusinesstok #businesstok #chenhindi #onlinemarketing #digitalmarketing #digitalmarketingtrainer #digitalmarketingcourse #onlinemarketingtrainer #onlinemarketingcourse #learnontiktok #socialmediacoach #socialmediatrainer #socialmediacourse #socialmediaworkshop

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