The size of the screen matters

Written by Chen Hindi

On August 25, 2021
How big is the size of the graphic designer’s screen in your company? (Google is telling me 27’’ to 32’’?)

And how is this size compared to the screen where most users consume content – including yours most probably? (ie mobile)

Too many marketers/graphic designers miss that the biggest (by far) part of the content they create is viewed on mobile, and it’s a big miss-out.

Whether it’s for the feed where your job is to make people stop scrolling, for display where your job is to cut through the noise or, via an email campaign, the way users view your content will significantly impact their response to it. 

So, ok, design on the big screen to make it pixel perfect BUT make sure to zoom out/send to your mobile/any other method you find suitable to see if your visual makes sense on mobile.

You win, and then you win!

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