They understood FOMO first

Written by Chen Hindi

On September 18, 2023

When you’re launching an email campaign for your business, your first aim is to get people curious enough to open it. 

The subject line is the key to achieving this goal, and one effective strategy is to add a sense of urgency. 

You want your subscribers to feel compelled to open your email the moment it lands in their inbox. 

“Stories” was built on this urgency concept as it’s a type of content that disappears after 24 hours. 

Snapchat was the first to understand that people didn’t necessarily want to keep their content on their timeline. 

It was later mimicked by other platforms including Meta, which integrated Stories across its platforms, most successfully on Instagram.


The first goal when you send an email campaign from your business is to convince people to open it, and the subject line is a crucial element in achieving this. One possible tactic is to use urgency in the subject line, one that will make your subscribers want to open it as soon as they receive it. The concept of urgency is fundamental to “Stories”, a type of content that appears temporarily on social media. #emailmarketing #learnontiktok #digitalmarketing #onlinemarketing #chenhindi #emailmarketingtrainer #emailmarketingcoach #stories

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