We don’t say it enough

Written by Chen Hindi

On January 15, 2021

Grit, stamina, determination, resilience… are some of the most repeated words that we say and hear in regards to achieving. 

I think we are missing one word which might be of top importance:


And in specific – self discipline. 

To rise to the challenges, show up every day, set goals and make them happen, stay when everyone else has left the building, be consistent even when it doesn’t work out exactly the way it was planned… a person can do it only if her/his will to achieve is so strong that she/he is going to kick her/himself in the behind when it’s needed (and so often – it’s very much needed!). 

It’s hard, and we find excuses why not, but if we really want to be happy about our achievements 12 months from now,  discipline should be in our secret sauce.