Who’s in for the details

Written by Chen Hindi

On January 11, 2021

In a very competitive world, where for each niche you can find hundreds* of suppliers, both around you and online, offering thoughtful service that upgrades the experience makes a whole lot of difference. 

The other day I was listening to Kara Swisher on Pivot (a popular tech podcast) where she shared what a wonderful surprise she had after buying an engagement** ring from Tiffany: a white cake was delivered at her home and when cut – their logo appeared. I don’t think this mention was sponsored, so imagine the free exposure the brand received. 

It’s really in the small things: the almonds and infusion customers are offered at the local spa, the useful add-on to a package ordered online and received offline, the extra service that is given without asking for it and that brings so much brand love. If you add this same thoughtful approach to your customer service – when (unfortunately) customers expect it the least – it’s even 1,000 times better. 

You don’t need huge budgets, simply to take the time to creatively think about what would make people feel that you thought about them, smile and in turn, make you memorable.

*Unfortunately, for some essential services like banking and health, we are still stuck with mediocracy and this is exactly where disruption is needed and I believe is on the way.

**Can’t remember if it was engagement or wedding 🤷🏽‍♀️.

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