Your intuition about e-commerce is wrong

Written by Chen Hindi

On February 26, 2023

If I’d ask you how much of the total commerce is e-commerce, what would be your answer?

And if I’d ask which country leads in that area, what would you say?

You probably overestimated how much shopping we do online (watch the video below for the stats) and you probably didn’t guess that China is the #1 country where online shopping is highest and represents more than 45% of total commerce.

It doesn’t matter what your answers were, the point is that there’s an opportunity for your business now and in the upcoming years that you should start thinking about, planning for and executing on.


When you think about the future of digital marketing, some things that come to mind are disruptive technologies, automation, and privacy. However, another simpler area where you might want to invest your digital marketing efforts is e-commerce. Despite our intuition about it, e-commerce is currently a very small part of total commerce. Here’s how small it is, and which countries are leading the race. More about the future of digital marketing 👉 @Chen | Digital Marketing Coach #futureofdigitalmarketing #ecommerce #ecommercestats #futureofonlinemarketing #digitalmarketer #onlinemarketer #digitalmarketingtrainer #digitalmarketingtalk #onlinemarketingtrainer #onlinemarketingcourse #learnontiktok #chenhindi #digitalmarketingspeaker #onlinemarketingspeaker

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