7 Email marketing don’ts

Written by Chen Hindi

On June 16, 2023

7 things you should NOT be doing with your email marketing:

1. Avoid using large images or documents. They may cause longer loading times for recipients, especially on mobile devices, which in turn can frustrate your users.

2. Spamming is not an effective way to sell more. Learn the appropriate frequency for sending emails to your list.

3. People subscribe to your email list to receive value, not to constantly be sold to. Make sure to offer content that is beneficial to them.

4. Avoid purchasing, renting, scraping, or any other methods of acquiring email lists that are not obtained through proper permission. These practices are not only illegal in many places but also ineffective since these people are unlikely to be receptive to your messaging.

5. Pay attention to the tone of voice used in your emails. Ensure that your tone is consistently respectful. Additionally, avoid using excessive capitalization, as it can create a negative tonality in your emails.

6. Never make promises in the subject line that you don’t fulfill within the email. Avoid using shady or vague language to manipulate users into clicking on your emails. It’s crucial to maintain trust with the people on your list.

7. Allow people to easily unsubscribe from your email list. See point #4.

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