Target with intent

Written by Chen Hindi

On June 12, 2023

As machine learning and AI continue to evolve, the need for highly detailed targeting in paid campaigns, including interests, behaviors, and even some demographics, is gradually diminishing. 

And the platforms are actively working towards this.

Google has already introduced Performance Max campaigns, while Facebook has launched the Advantage+ products, including Advantage+ Shopping campaigns. These essentially provide advertisers with a convenient “black box” managed by the platforms to achieve best performance.

This said, there is still significant value in targeting audiences based on intent. 

Specifically, focusing on people who have shown interest in your business as they are more likely to convert.

Here’s how to create and then use these audiences, named by Meta custom audiences, on Facebook and Instagram.


Here’s how to create and then target custom audiences in your Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Custom audiences are audiences of people who showed interest in your business via different interactions, such as – engaged with your Facebook page or Instagram account, visited your website or downloaded your app.#facebookads #facebookadstips #instagramads #instagramadstips #facebookmarketing #instagrammarketing #facebookforbusiness #instagramforbusiness #facebookadsmanager #digitalmarketing #onlinemarketing #socialmediamarketing #chenhindi

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