A Giant Salad

Written by Chen Hindi

On November 3, 2021

For a lot of people, online marketing is a big giant salad. 

And because it’s so confusing (it is!), they degrade it to social only, or worse – one platform only (FB or Insta as an example). 

But here’s why I love a completely different channel and what makes it so distinct: 

Email’s penetration rate is one of the highest (if not THE) among all online channels. In simple words – by far, most internet users have an email address, and they use it daily.

It feels personal and it is less noisy than a feed/search results/banners on news websites. 

The best thing: when you get people to open your email – you have their undivided exclusive attention, something that hardly exists on other channels. 

From a user’s perspective, you should look at it in the following way: 

Before” – before they open your email, what do they need to see to act? The sender name, preview and subject line are important things to think about

During” – while they read through your email, what is it that you’re going to tell them to engage them, or maybe it will be a “pure value” email? 

After” – once your campaign is sent, learn from the results so the next email is even better

Then you have other aspects like growing your list, how to avoid reaching the spam and automation, but above is the core of every email campaign.

And email’s one of my favorites, because it simply works.

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